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Dynamic Positioning Award

The dynamic positioning award is awarded to the developer of an innovative DP product or system, or contractor responsible for an especially innovative application of DP on a project

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1 Guidance Marine – CyScan AS

Guidance Marine has introduced a new version of its laser position reference system CyScan, CyScan AS, which uses ‘Absolute Signature’ technology to resolve long-standing, common industry challenges with false reflections and authenticate target detection.

2 Kongsberg – DPS integrated reference solution

Kongsberg has combined satellite positioning and inertial technology to create an integrated reference solution for dynamic positioning applications. DPS i2 and DPS i4 use signals from global navigation satellite systems, such as GPS and Russia’s Glonass, fused with information from inertial sensors.

3 Wärtsilä/GulfMark Offshore remote-controlled DP trial

In 2017, Wärtsilä successfully tested remote controlled operation of a platform supply vessel in the North Sea using a satellite link from California. The tests, which involved driving the vessel through a sequence of manoeuvres using a combination of dynamic positioning and manual joystick control, were carried out in collaboration with GulfMark Offshore.

4 IMCA consolidated DP guidelines

The International Marine Contractors Association has consolidated important information on dynamic positioning on its web site.

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