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Conference, Awards & Exhibition 6-7 February 2019, London

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Innovation award

Awarded to an innovative product, system or service which is considered to have made a significant impact on the design, build and/or operational aspects of offshore support vessels in service during 2017

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1 Barge Master motion compensation platform

Barge Master specialises in motion compensation systems for all kinds of vessels. The motion compensation system it developed can be applied to many different applications and increases safety and workability, making offshore lifting, construction and crew transfer operations safer and more efficient. This enables vessels to work – to lift loads or transfer personnel – when conditions would otherwise prevent them from doing so.

2 GMS/Dwellop well intervention system

Abu Dhabi-based GMS recently secured approval for an innovative concept it has developed with Dwellop for vessel-based well intervention services. The innovative cantilever system has been installed on the self-elevating support vessel GMS Evolution, and is a cost-effective industry first.

3 Huisman fibre rope crane/lifting system

The Netherlands-based Huisman has developed a hybrid crane concept that combines the advantages of a fibre rope and heave compensation using conventional steel wire. Spooling of fibre rope is carried out using Huisman’s established traction winch and storage winch; active heave compensation is carried out on steel wire on another winch.

4 Ulstein TTS Colibri 3-D motion compensated crane

TTS Colibri is a motion-compensated crane concept that acts as a stand-alone add-on device for a standard offshore crane. What makes it unique is its ground-breaking anti-sway technology, which also allows it to mitigate wind induced motions acting on a load.

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