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Conference, Awards & Exhibition 5-6 February 2020, London

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Innovation award

Awarded to an innovative product, system or service which is considered to have made a significant impact on the design, build and/or operational aspects of offshore support vessels in service during 2018.

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1 MacGregor’s FibreTrac

MacGregor’s dedicated fibre-rope offshore crane, FibreTrac, allows operators to use the full lifting capacity of the crane, at practically any depth, so a smaller crane and vessel can be used for more assignments, and owners are able to bid on a wider range of contracts. This is made possible because of neutrally-buoyant, high-performance fibre rope. Fibre-rope weighs virtually nothing in water, so regardless of the length of rope used, it does not add anything to the load experienced by the crane. This is in complete contrast to steel wire cranes, which have to bear the load as well as the ever-increasing weight of wire paid out.

2 OneStep Power’s Generator Voltage Response Tester

OneStep Power’s patented Generator Voltage Response Tester (GVRT) allows for all excitation based testing, without the need to change protection system settings, in a controlled, repeatable manner.

3 Rolls-Royce Marine’s permanent magnet technology

Rolls-Royce Marine has introduced a new lightweight winch driven by a permanent magnet (PM) electrical motor for tug towage. This XT70 PM escort, render and recovery towing winch provides enough pull for most oceangoing and harbour duties without the risk of oil leaks from a hydraulic drive.

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