Annual Offshore Support Journal
Conference, Awards & Exhibition 5-6 February 2020, London

Annual Offshore Support Journal<br /> Conference, Awards & Exhibition


Exploring growth opportunities in an unpredictable market


18:00 Pre-registration, and welcome drinks sponsored by MacGregor
19:30 End of welcome drinks
20:00 End of pre-registration


07:30 Registration, coffee and networking

08:50 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:00 Co-host’s welcome address
Bart L. Long, Offshore Segment Manager, Marine Account Management, Caterpillar Marine


Analysis of recent industry developments and how changing oil prices is affecting the offshore sector.

09:10 Keynote: How the OSV industry is fundamentally changing

  • Global energy demand underpins a strong future for OSVs
  • OSV vessel supply is overstated; supply/demand fundamentals are significantly better than it may seem
  • Data is changing the OSV industry
  • Customer demands are shifting towards more advanced services

René Kofod-Olsen, Chief Executive Officer, Topaz Energy and Marine
09:30 Q&A

09:40 Oil and gas market update – what does the future hold?

  • Where are we in the recovery cycle, will it be more of the same over the next 3-5 years?
  • Oil and gas exploration and development spend
  • Sector deep dives:
    -        Offshore rig – floater market
    -        Subsea

Markus Nævestad, Head of London Office, Rystad Energy
10:00 Q&A 

10:05 Renewables market update

  • Global offshore wind projects in operation
  • Global offshore wind projects under construction
  • What is the global pipeline for offshore wind projects?
  • Growth forecasts for the short, medium and long-term

Chris Anderson, CEO, 4C Offshore
10:25 Q&A

10:30 Rigs market update

  • Update on the international offshore rig count
  • North America rig activity
  • International rig activity:

- Latin America
- Europe
- Africa
- Middle East
- Asia Pacific

  • How will the current market figures impact on new projects over the next 18 months?

Dr Wei Liu, Director, Upstream Supply Chain Consulting, Wood Mackenzie
10:50 Q&A

10:55 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by ABS


A detailed look at key regions and the commercial opportunities available in a recovering market. Speakers will cover the following:

  • Market recovery
  • Vessel utilisation and layups
  • Charter rates
  • Commercial opportunities in the region

11:35 UK and North Sea
Paul Dear, Offshore Market Analyst, Seabrokers
11:55 Q&A

12:00 Middle East
Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Offshore FZ LLE
12:15 Q&A

12:20 North and South America
Calum Kennedy, Market Research Manager Offshore and Energy, Clarksons Research

12:35 Q&A

12:40 Asia and Africa
Capt Mike Meade, Chief Executive Officer, M3 Marine Group
12:55 Q&A

13:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Vanuatu Maritime Services


The emerging markets stream (Stream 3A) will look at the tremendous commercial opportunities available in decommissioning, deepwater, ultra-deepwater, and seabed mining projects. These emerging markets present some of the most promising sectors and could provide significant commercial opportunities in the near future.

The digitalisation stream (Stream 3B) is dedicated to addressing significant advancements in one of the hottest sectors in our industry. Digitalisation has already started to transform the offshore industry and this stream provides case studies on recent initiatives.



Session chair: Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

14:10 Sector analysis: Where are the decommissioning hotspots?
Decom is a $500B global market – How much of this will go to vessel owners and operators, where and when? Beyond the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, three regions will emerge as hot spots: Southeast Asia, Latin America, and West Africa. Taken together, the structures and wells in these regions represent approximately 50% of those expected to become uneconomical in the next 20 years.
Martha Vasquez, Principal, London, Boston Consulting Group

14:30 Q&A

14:40 Deepwater and ultra-deepwater projects

  • Market trends and analysis – A look at recent projects
  • In the current oil price environment, are such projects viable?
  • Analysing Brazil’s pre-salt, a key region driving deepwater oil and gas development
  • Analysing other key regions: Middle East, Africa, and North America

Mark Adeosun, Analyst, Westwood Global Energy

15:00 Q&A

15:10 Seabed mining update

  • How mining companies and shipping/offshore vessel companies are looking to position themselves and take advantage of these long-awaited projects
  • Industry developments - Updated draft exploitation regulations were published in July 2018
  • Dealing with key challenges - Operating in 5-km depths on the seafloor
  • How companies are ensuring underwater mining projects are commercially viable

Eleanor Martin, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
15:30 Q&A

Session chair: John Snyder, Editor, Offshore Support Journal

14:10 Onboard digitalisation – not only for newbuilds

  • New solutions for wireless data transport
  • Digitalisation solutions for newbuilds and retrofits
  • Case study: digitalisation of existing vessels

Arild Saele, Chief Commercial Officer, ScanReach
14:30 Q&A

14:40 Digitalising work processes onboard vessels

  • Evaluating which work processes can be digitalised
  • Developing electronic checklists
  • Using tablets and PCs to digitise work processes

Tonny Sørdal, Vice President QHSE, Olympic Subsea
Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen, CEO, UniSea

15:00 Q&A

15:10 Leveraging Smart Technology in Offshore Applications

  • Current state of Smart Technology
  • Framework for leveraging Smart Technology
  • Future outlook

Demetres Armanes, Engineer I, Senior - Corporate Technology, ABS
15:30 Q&A

15:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by ABS


The vessels: valuation and development stream (Stream 4A) will look at vessel valuations, conversions, and hybrid power solutions. Speakers will present the latest data and initiatives deemed to be the first of its kind in the industry.

The technology and innovation stream (Stream 4B) will present the latest advancements in the industry and solutions that create significant efficiencies.



Session chair: Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

16:20 Making sense of consolidation: the data behind decision making

  • Market overview 2018 
  • Consolidation 

-        Why consolidate?
-        2018's movers and shakers
-        Case study: Gulfmark and Tidewater

  • How data can help with decision making

-        Values (Market vs Discounted Cash Flow valuations)
-        Mapping utilisation and diversification
-        Data: Who am I merging with? 

  • 2019 and beyond

Robert Day, Offshore Analyst, VesselsValue
16:40 Q&A

16:50 Making decommissioning and P&A in the North Sea affordable by using motion compensation

  • Marine and P&A contracting parties form consortium to provide motion compensated solutions for the decommissioning and P&A industries
  • The case study has shown that huge savings can be achieved and the estimated working days exceeded
  • Using motion compensation is crucial in this business case
  • Learn about the newest developments in offshore logistics using motion compensation

Jan Dirk Hudig, Chief Commercial Officer, Barge Master
17:10 Q&A

17:20 Hybrid power for OSVs – A gamechanger   

  • OSV Hybrid Power case studies – sharing real data on cost savings end emission reductions 
  • The latest advancements in Hybrid Power solutions for OSVs 
  • Charging into the future - The evolution of battery design/technology 
  • Considerations when choosing Hybrid Power 

Halvard Hauso, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Corvus Energy

17:40 Q&A

Session chair: John Snyder, Editor, Offshore Support Journal

16:20 Differentiating and improving marketability of your fleet through vessel efficiency is critical in todays’ market

  • Variable speed DEP: Converting constant speed gensets to variable speed could increase vessel efficiency by 20% 
  • DP2 closed bus operation: Analysing how vessels that spend a high percent of time in DP2 can potentially increase overall efficiency by 20% operating in closed bus mode
  • Dynamic drive/mechanical hybrid – How mechanical hybrid systems create operational efficiencies 
  • MEO 2.0 & 3.0: Advisory load control system that manages/optimizes DEP, variable speed, mechanical hybrid and battery configurations for maximum efficiency

T.E. “Dra” Wiersema, Product Manager, Caterpillar Marine
16:40 Q&A

16:50 Innovative tested and certified subsea fibre-rope crane

  • Introducing new fibre rope crane designs

- Fibre rope advantages and cost savings
- Requirements for market competitiveness

  • Technical aspects

- Technologies, management of the rope, and operation status
- Testing done, certified, and market-ready

Scott Garriott, Project Engineer & Multimedia Developer, Load Handling Systems, Machine Design, MacGregor
17:10 Q&A

17:20 Future application of broadband and satellite technologies for offshore operations
Eric Griffin, Vice President, Americas, Inmarsat Maritime
17:40 Q&A

17:50 End of day one presentations

19:00 Drinks reception sponsored by Anglo-Eastern Offshore

20:00 Gala dinner sponsored by Cummins, followed by the Offshore Support Journal Awards sponsored by Bureau Veritas, Damen Shipyards, DNV GL, F3O Offshore Services, Maats Tech, Moore Stephens, UPTIME International, V.Ships, Vroon Offshore Services


08:30 Registration, and networking coffee sponsored by GE Power Conversion

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


A key presentation from Tidewater will discuss their recent financial and corporate restructuring. This session will further explore the key challenges facing the offshore sector including oversupply of vessels.

09:10 Keynote: Building a stable future through mergers and acquisitions

  • Financial restructuring
  • Merger with GulfMark Offshore
  • Positioning to take advantage of a recovering market

John T. Rynd, President, CEO and Director, Tidewater
09:30 Q&A

09:40 Why does the recovery in the OSV sector remain elusive?

  • Too many vessels; too few active rigs – how big is the gap?
  • Is the financial health of the OSV sector on the turn?
  • What is the ways out for an operator?

Jeff Drake, Managing Director, AlixPartners
10:00 Q&A

10:10 “The New Normal”
How to become cost effective in a challenging market while maintaining a safe and efficient operation.
Martin Gaard Christiansen, Chief Commercial Officer, V.Group
10:30 Q&A

10:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by GE Power Conversion 


This session will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to hear about key business challenges that are fundamental to everyday operations but rarely get discussed in an open forum.

11:20 Managing human resource challenges during corporate restructuring

  • What are the human resource challenges during corporate restructuring and mergers?
  • Managing and communicating corporate brand, culture and values during mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensuring effective public relations and communications
  • Crew management during corporate change

David Darling, Vice President HR, Tidewater

11:40 Q&A

11:50 Getting back to work – the barriers and how to get over them

  • High cost of chasing too many tenders
  • Competing on CAPEX & OPEX with the larger players
  • If the market isn’t going to rebalance soon, what else can be done?

Douglas Lang, Group Managing Director (Offshore), Anglo-Eastern Group
12:10 Q&A

12:20 Panel discussion: Availability of finance

  • Under what conditions will banks provide finance in the current market?
  • Refinancing – Who will need this and what are the risks?
  • Is there adequate financing available to meet market demand?
  • What is the likelihood of further bankruptcies?
  • Is market restructuring and consolidation delivering the right results for banks?

Arnfinn Eilertsen, Senior Vice President, Ocean Industries, Offshore, DNB Bank 
Wim van Wijngaarden, Associate Director Offshore Energy, NIBC Bank 
Richard Howley, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright
Stig Horsberg Eriksen, Director and Head of Energy and Maritime Industries, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

12:50 Q&A

13:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Palfinger


Our panel of distinguished leaders will share how they plan to deal with an unpredictable market and will address the foremost issues facing the offshore industry.

14:10 Striking a new balance in offshore charterparties

  • Striking a new balance in offshore charterparties
  • The unnatural death of knock for knock
  • Substitute vessels – hell or high water?
  • Termination for convenience – too convenient?
  • Termination for cause – grace and balance
  • Penalty clauses 

Duncan Telfer, Commercial Director, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations
14:30 Industry leaders panel discussion

  • Preparing for the eventual market upturn
  • Where are the growth markets and commercial opportunities?
  • How is industry consolidation affecting competition and business?
  • Complying with industry regulations in a tight capital market
  • What more needs to be done to balance OSV supply and demand?
  • Outlook for the future

Panellists include:
Carl G. Annessa, Chief Operating Officer, Hornbeck Offshore 
Duncan Telfer, Commercial Director, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations
John T. Rynd, President, CEO and Director, Tidewater
Martin Nes, Chairman of the Board, S.D. Standard Drilling

Jan-Piet Baars, Commercial Director, Vroon Group

15:00 Q&A
15:10 - 15:20 Closing remarks from the chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

15:30 -16:30 OSV sector trade association debate
Hosted by ISOA with representation from IMCA, ICS, The Nautical Institute
An open exchange of views between trade association representatives and stakeholders in the OSV sector to find out whether the current activities of the associations are meeting the expectations of their current and prospective members, and what more they should be doing to benefit their members and the sector. 
All OSJ participants welcome to attend

*Programme subject to amendments/change

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