Annual Offshore Support Journal
Conference, Awards & Exhibition 5-6 February 2020, London

Annual Offshore Support Journal<br /> Conference, Awards & Exhibition


A sector in recovery – is this the new norm?


07:30 Registration, coffee and networking

08:50 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:00 Platinum sponsor welcome address
Bart L. Long, Offshore Segment Manager, Marine Account Management, Caterpillar Marine

09:10 An Overview of the OSV Sector
John Snyder, Editor, Offshore Support Journal


An in-depth review of industry developments overs the past 12 months, status of the oil markets and their impact on the OSV sector and an assessment of the global vessels and offshore rigs sector.

09:15 Keynote Address: The Changing Face of the OSV Sector

  • Global energy demand and impact on the OSV sector.
  • Review of supply and demand on a global basis.
  • What impact are renewables having on the sector – challenges and opportunities.
  • How technology innovations are changing the OSV industry.
  • Meeting changing customer demands and adapting to meet their needs.
  • What will the next 12 months bring?

09:35 Review of Today’s Global Oil and Gas Markets

  • A review of the oil markets and consequences for the OSV sector.
  • Forecasts for E&P spending.
  • What sector of the vessels market will recover first?

Simon Sjøthun, Partner, Rystad Energy

09:55 Offshore Drilling Rigs Market Update

  • Market size and update on the global offshore rig count.
  • Assessing global activity by region.
  • Current market drivers and future trends.
  • Future market outlook.

Thom Payne, Head of Offshore, Rigs & Wells, Westwood Global Energy

10:15 Review of the Global OSV Markets

  • Market drivers and impact on performance.
  • Trends in the PSV and AHTS markets.
  • Developments, trends and opportunities in the subsea sector.
  • Where are the future opportunities for offshore vessels?

Robert Day, Head of Offshore, VesselsValue

10:35 Session Q&A

10:50 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area 


A “round the globe” review of the key offshore regions, providing a detailed analysis of the commercial prospects in a challenging market.  Speakers will share their views on: status of market recovery, vessel utilisation, layups and oversupply, charter rates, and activity by vessel type.

11:30 North Sea & Europe

11:50 Middle East and Africa (West & East)
Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Offshore 

12:10 Asia Pacific
Gregory Brown, Associate Director – Offshore, Maritime Strategies International

12:30 The Americas

12:50 Session Q&A

13:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area 


The alternatives markets session (3A) will look at the increasing opportunities for OSV players to enter the deepsea mining, offshore & floating wind, decommissioning and ‘blue economy’ industries in general. These alternative markets may not be the panacea but they do offer significant opportunities to diversify and add to your bottom line whilst activity in the traditional oil and gas markets remains low.
The ‘moving towards a digitalised and automated world’ session (3B) will review some of the innovative technologies driving optimised OSV operations. Speakers will demonstrate the latest digital technologies, how data management can improve marine and logistics efficiency, and will digitalisation make a difference in the industry?



14:10 Opportunities in the ‘Blue Economy’

  • What opportunities do the defence, marine agriculture and tidal/wave industries offer the OSV sector?
  • What vessels will be required to service
    these industries?

David Sheret, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Archer Knight

14:30 Offshore & Floating Wind Sectors

  • Opportunities for support vessels.
  • Possibilities and limitations for OSV owners.
  • How do FOW farms differ to fixed platforms for vessel requirements.

Chris Anderson, CEO, 4C Offshore

14:50 Deepsea Mining

  • Current status of deepsea mining.
  • Review of the opportunities for vessel owners - what's the reality?
  • Vessel newbuilds for seabed mining.
  • Opportunities for laid-up vessels to be converted/utilised for deepsea mining.
  • Addressing the key challenges in this unique sector.
  • Different sources of funding.

Eleanor Martin, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright 

15:10 Offshore Decommissioning Sector

  • Market size and valuation.
  • Identifying the opportunities for support vessels.
  • What value does the decom market potentially hold for the OSV sector?
  • Where are the ‘hot spots’.

15:30 Q&A



14:10 OSVs – Moving into the Digital Age

  • Review of digital technologies and initiatives.
  • Digitalisation as a means to improved performance, cost reduction and sustainable operations.
  • Identifying and addressing potential threats and challenges.

Robert Desai, Chief Commercial Officer, Topaz Energy and Marine

14:30 How Data Management and Analysis Can Improve Marine & Logistics Efficiency

  • How data management and IT solutions enable companies to do business better.
  • Turnkey solution to boost operational efficiency.
  • Digital transformation is powering the oil and gas industry.
  • Bridging the gap between crisis and resource optimization.

Arnaud Dianoux, Managing Director, Opsealog

14:50 Will Digitalisation, IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Enabling Technology Make a Difference in the Industry?

  • What is the take out for the maritime industry?
  • Will the cost pay off?
  • User case study.

Arild Sæle, Chief Commercial Officer, Scandinavian Reach Technologies

15:10 How Digital Capabilities Can Increase Vessel Earning Potential, Efficiency and Overall Profitability 
With offshore market conditions continuing to remain difficult and operating cost pressures increasing, shipping companies of all sizes are being challenged to rethink their business models. There are opportunities to improve vessel earning potential, operational efficiency and overall profitability through the application of load handling focused digital capabilities.
Daniel Lundberg, Director, New Service Models, Digital & New Business Transformation, MacGregor   

15:30 Q&A

15:45 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area 


The valuation, consolidation and collaboration session (4A) will look at corporate consolidations’ past, present and future and the role that data has in the decision-making process.  Speakers will share the vessels valuation and pricing realities in today’s tough market and review the opportunities collaboration and vessel sharing offers.
The technology and innovation session (4B) will showcase advances in vessel electrification and what this means for the sector, the latest developments in hybrid and alternative power sources and new design requirements for next generation vessels.



16:20 Vessels Valuations: The Reality in Today’s Market

  • Valuation and pricing trends.
  • Landmark deals and epic fails of 2019.
  • The bigger picture and the longer term.
  • Hope springs eternal – the choices ahead.

George Horsington, Head of Offshore, ABC Maritime 

16:40 Balancing Cost, Efficiency and Safety in a Changeable Market

  • Achieving cost reduction without compromising safety and environmental protection.
  • Balancing these key drivers in a cost restrained market.
  • How technology developments can drive cost reduction, optimise efficiencies and improve safety.

Senior Representative, Caterpillar
17:00 Q&A

17:05 Panel Session Collaboration and Vessel Sharing – The Future for the OSV sector?

  • Collaboration and vessel sharing to drive efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Realising the benefits of vessel sharing.
  • Examples of vessel sharing in the sector – who’s doing what, where?

Panellists include:
Douglas Lang, Group Managing Director – Offshore, Anglo-Eastern Group
Chris Coull, Regional Director – Operations, Peterson

17:45 Chairman’s day one closing remarks

16:20 Eidesvik Experience with Hybrid Solutions  

  • Technical & commercial experience with energy storage system (battery).
  • Results of our projects.
  • What do we see in the crystal ball.

Jan Lodden, EVP and COO, Eidesvik Offshore 

16:40 Improved Fuel Economy Through Software and Battery Technology 
Sveinung Økland, Operation Manager, North Sea Shipping
Gjord Simen Sanna, CEO, Yxney Maritime 
Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen, CEO, Unisea

17:00 Addressing Environmental Challenges in the OSV    Industry

  • Waste reduction – removal of non-value     adding activities
  • Future fuels
  • Carbon free fuels
  • Electricity (battery), fuel cell technology, use of ammonia and methane as alternatives to hydrogen

Oskar Levander, SVP Concepts & Innovation, Kongsberg Maritime

17:20 New OSV Concepts for the Next Generation of  Oil & Gas Operators

  • Opportunities in challenging market conditions.
  • Integrated design – vessels & equipment. 
  • Innovation through market collaboration.

17:40 Q&A

17:45 Chairman’s day one closing remarks


17:50 End of day one

19:00 Drinks reception 

20:00 Gala dinner, followed by the Offshore Support Journal Awards 


08:30 Registration and networking coffee

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


Key vessel owners and oil & gas companies will review the increasing need for collaboration across the industry and how this can be achieved.  As well as reviewing how industry can achieve sustainability in the offshore sector. 

09:10 Keynote: Collaboration in the Industry – A Vessel Owners Perspective

  • Adapting to a changing industry, redefining our role as service provider.
  • Working in partnership, anticipate and meet customer’s needs.
  • Offering holistic solutions with a focus on innovation to drive efficiency and safety.

Henriette Thygesen, Chairman of Maersk Supply Service and CEO of Svitzer

09:30 Q&A

09:35 Panel Session: Meet the IOCs
This panel session will provide a unique opportunity to hear from the oil & gas community.

  • Changes the sector has been through since the 2014 crash and how these have/are being implemented.
  • Key drivers in selecting an OSV partner and defining needs.
  • Strategies for achieving a balance between increased energy demand and reduced emissions requirements.
  • Doing things differently – moving towards servitisation.
  • Collaborating and building relationships with OSV partners.

Patrick Gruppo, Global Marine Category Manager, BP
Alex Morton, Marine and Aviation Technical Authority, Chrysaor E&P
Morten Sundt, Manager – Marine, Equinor
Bo Jardine, Global Category Manager – Marine, Shell 

10:15 Embracing Sustainability in the Offshore Sector

  • Balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protection.
  • Environmental sustainability and challenges for the OSV sector to meet market demands  .
  • Driving sustainability for the benefit of all in the offshore sector.

Ian Trebinksi, Head of QHSSE, Topaz Energy and Marine

10:35 Session Q&A

10:40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


What will it take to keep afloat in a market still in recovery?  This session will provide a detailed look at why the market hasn’t recovered in previously predicted timeframes, how companies are approaching the crewing challenge and what opportunities does restructuring offer and what availability and on what terms is financing available.

11:20 Managing Offshore Crew Employment Complexities

  • Crew employment so far.
  • New areas of operation, offshore and energy.
  • Global employment solutions.
  • Outlook and new normal.

Maciek Bejm, Offshore Business Development Director, V. Ships Offshore

11:40 Show Me the Recovery!

  • For some there are small signs of recovery, for others the pain remains.
  • Why hasn’t the market recovered at the rate it was predicted to?  Is there an end in sight?
    Are the changes the sector has seen over the past 12 months or so here to stay?

Jeff Drake, Managing Director, Alix Partners 

12:00 Refinancing and Restructuring for Growth in Challenging Economic Conditions

  • Review of restructurings to date, the good & the bad.
  • Trends in the sector.
  • Applying lessons learned to future restructurings.
  • Is there still more to come?

12:20 Q&A

12:30 Panel Session: The Latest from the Financing Scene

  • What makes the market investable, what are the banks looking for? 
  • Is there still an appetite for the banks to invest in the offshore markets?
  • Is affordable vessel financing even available anymore?
  • Alternatives to conventional lending – equity markets; venture capitalists; leasing structures from Chinese banks.
  • Green lending – a review of the Poseidon Principles and what they mean for OSV owners.

Panellists include:
Andrew Williams, Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright
Kristoffer Salbuvik Iden, Senior Vice President, Offshore Merchant Partners
Stig Horsberg Eriksen, Director and Head of Energy and Maritime Industries, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank 

13:00 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area 


This session will provide an update from Tidewater on their recent financial and corporate restructuring and a panel of distinguished leaders from OSV owners will share their plans to survive the next 12 months and position themselves for growth once the market upturn appears.

14:10 Case Study: A Review of a Recent Restructuring

  • Update on the financial restructuring.
  • Where are they now in the process.
  • Has it gone the way they expected?
  • Plans for the future.

Quintin V. Kneen, President, CEO & Director, Tidewater  

14:30 Q&A

 14:35 Industry Leaders Panel Discussion

  • Adapting to a new norm.
  • Strategies to meet the changing needs of the client, becoming a one-stop service.
  • Capitalising on emerging/alternative markets.
  • Achieving environmental sustainability and the impact on the OSV sector.
  • Gender equality in the OSV sector.
  • What is the future of the offshore hydrocarbon sector in light of electrification, efficiency, renewables ...?

Panellists include:
Gaël Bodénès, CEO, Bourbon Offshore
Christoffer Knudsen, Chief Commercial Officer, GC Rieber Shpping
Kelvin Teo, Managing Director, POSH Kerry Renewables
Quintin V. Kneen, President, CEO & Director, Tidewater  

15:10 Session Q&A

15:20 Closing remarks from the conference chairman, Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

15:30 - 16:30 OSV sector trade association and owners' debate

* Programme subject to change/amendments.

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